The Application Process

Helpful Tips

  • Remove only top corners to apply.
  • If more adhesion is needed, remove entire top strip. If less adhesion is needed, try “patting” the back on something sanitary and then apply.
  • Application of shield doesn’t have to be directly on lash line- it can be applied under the bulge of the eye or wherever most comfortable.
  • When applying shield, allow backing to crease-it will form a small lip, helping to catch the fallout!

Step 1

Remove top corners of backing and apply shield below the eye

Step 2

Apply eye makeup

Step 3

When finished, gently remove shields and dispose

Step 4

Helloooooo Flawless!

"Shadow Shields on Kelly Clarkson made eye makeup changes mess free today! Foundation was still perfect underneath!"

Ashley Rae Donovan, Makeup Artist to Kelly Clarkson